Why »AstroDNA Premium«

Imagine you know your position in the great game of life. Your nature, talents, strengths and weaknesses are clear to you. You have an exact idea of your potentials and possibilities to make life your life. You know that only you can change your life and you have to take the first steps.

How does that feel? Powerful, self-determined and focused!

Find fulfillment in life by discovering your identity and creating the best version of yourself!

What is »AstroDNA Premium«

»AstroDNA Premium« is a software-based tool that reveals a person's character traits, talents, strengths and weaknesses, opens a pool of coherent courses of action, and thus brings people into their own power.

»AstroDNA Premium« uses 1000 years old Chinese Astrology as a set of rules and basis, thus contributing to unbiased personality development, unlike the common personality tests, which are based on answers of the person concerned depending on the mood of the day.

»AstroDNA Premium« is an app that creates understanding for one's own identity and promotes interaction with one's fellow human beings. For example, it promotes cooperation in teams, creates understanding for the other person in a difficult conversation situation, recognizes the intrinsic motivation behind a behavior, reveals one's own development potential, and much more.

Who is »AstroDNA Premium« for

»AstroDNA Premium« is for advisors, coaches and consultants who want to help their clients to lead a self-determined and fulfilling life.

»AstroDNA Premium« is also suitable for self-analysis or for Friends & Family.

»AstroDNA Premium« is aimed at people who are interested in personal growth and life transformation, whether for themselves, for friends & family or in a professional consulting and coaching environment.

Who is behind »AstroDNA Premium«

»AstroDNA Premium« has been developed by certified astrologers with many years of consulting experience, whose founders and owners are independent and free of conflicts of interest.

Behind »AstroDNA Premium« is a mixed team of friends, each competent and successful in their own field:

Expert Advisory Board

The provider of »AstroDNA Premium« is the company Berchtold Informatik, which is registered in the Swiss Commercial Register. The entire software as well as all algorithms are developed and implemented by her and her team. AstroDNA® is a registered trademark, the platform, the software and all products thereof are protected by copyright.